Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Free Monster Invitation

Free Monster Invitation Template

Do you need a Monster Theme Invitation for a Birthday party or Baby Shower? I have a free template for you.

1) Download my Free Monster Invitation Template

2) Use a Font type of your choice. Here I used Waltograph Font.

3) You could download a free Paint.NET program to add text, if you don't have any art program.

4) After you are done, you could save your file in JPEG and have it printed at any printing service of your choice.

5) If you want to make this invitation into a post card like. You could have it printed both sides. The other side, you could have the address printed.

Get your creative imagination going and have fun!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Handmade Baby Shower Card

If you like craft and want to make a personalized baby shower card, here’s one you could try. It’s very easy. I made this card for a colleague’s baby shower at work. She’s having a baby girl so I made a girl Hippo Onesie Tutu.
You could download this Hippo Onesie Template here and use any color tulle of your choice to make the tutu by either running it through a sewing machine to shirred or hand shirred. Then you could glue or sew the tulle to the onesie card.
Have fun!