Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sewing Instructions

Update: 2/19/2012

Pooches Summer Cami Top / Skirt Sewing Pattern is available for download

Hey guys, I know I haven’t been posting any sewing instructions on the last few sewing pattern projects that I have promised. I apologized for that. I have been really busy lately but definitely have not forgotten about you guys. I have created another Dog Clothes Sewing Patterns called “Pooches Summer Cami Top / Skirt” for you guys to download this weekend (will post the patterns 2/19/2012).  I will try to do the best I can to get at least one or two of the sewing instructions up, for the projects that are missing sewing instructions by the end of next week. If you guys have any questions or need help with sewing I am happy to help you in any way I can. You can either leave me a comment or Contact Me directly, and I will try to get back to you on the same day.

Pooches Summer Cami Top / Skirt

This Pooches Summer Cami Top / Skirt are perfect for this spring or summer, 2 outfits from 1 pattern. You can skip the ruffle skirt and make a cami top or you can make another outfit with the ruffle skirt.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Petal Sleeve Top Sewing Patterns for Girls

Before my relocation a couple of years ago, I held a Technical Design position in the Apparel Industry in NYC in Childrenswear, from women’s division to children’s. Prior to the Technical Design position, I was working as a full-time Production Analyst for a big corporate company in the garment industry throughout my full-time night & weekend college years.  I have decided to make a sewing pattern for you to make for your daughter, niece or granddaughter. I thought you guys might be interested. I am in my mid 20’s, not married or have any kids yet, and no models or mannequin to fit the sample. You might have to make adjustments to this Petal Sleeve Top Sewing Pattern to fit the person you are making this for. 

You can make it 2-tier like the picture above or just 1-tier. I like invisible pockets right at the side seam of the ruffle and also add a 1/8”-1/4” elastic at the empire seam to give the child the ease of getting in and out of this top other than the front buttons. You can switch the button closure to the back rather than the front if you like the back better. I made the patterns with front button closure, because I thought some of your kids like to dress themselves and buttons in the front makes it a lot easier.

If you are making this for an Infant or Toddler and would like to have a pair of shorts or pants sewing patterns to match this top, please check back later. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekend Backpack Sewing Pattern

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It’s nice to have a small weekend backpack to put your stuff in and perfect for children and adults. You can make this backpack as big or small as you like. You can even turn this backpack into a diaper backpack. All you have to do is to add some pockets inside for diapers and elastic straps for bottles.

I like the 2 small pockets outside, very convenient to put keys, cell phone or other small items. I have left the inside plain and simple so I can put in a detachable organizer. You can make it however you want using my Weekend Backpack Sewing Pattern as a base pattern.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Big Bowl of Love (Dog Treat Recipes)

It's Yummy
It's Healthy
Made with love
Homemade Dog Treats!
It's perfect to show your dog how much you love them this Valentine's Day.
Check out the recipe guide below

I started making dog treats for my dogs 2 years ago. They love them. The best thing about these dog treat is, there is no coloring, preservatives, artificial flavors or any other ingredients that I don't want my dogs to consume. I do find homemade dog treat cost a lot less than buying those organic dog treats. No matter what the label said, there is always some kind of preservatives in those treat to prevent it from getting spoil and longer shelf life.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Doggie Skort & Diaper Cover Sewing Patterns

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This 2-in-1 Doggie Skort & Diaper Cover pattern is perfect to make your small dog. You can use this Doggie Skort/Diaper Cover Pattern and my Bella Frill Dress Pattern to make a set outfit. To ensure that the Skort doesn’t come off, you can also sew some Velcro or buttons onto the Bella Frill Dress & the Skort or Diaper Cover at waist/band to give that extra hold.

For male doggies, you can use a suspender to hold the Diaper Cover in place or attach it to any other shirt that you are making. You can use the Pleated Coat Pattern to make a shirt to go with this diaper cover.

Please note this Doggie Skort / Diaper Cover Sewing Pattern is intended for small dogs. This pattern is not a One Size Fit All pattern. If you want to make one for your dog, you might need to make small adjustments accordingly.