Monday, January 16, 2012

DIY: Weekend Pot Rack With Shelf Project

This is a very easy pot rack project that you can get it done overthe weekend. You can get all the materials at your local hardware stores. This pot rack was made to match our kitchen cabinet.

Cost: depending onthe material you are using

·      Moulding or 3/4” Medium Density Fiberboard
·     Wire Shelf or Grill Grate
·     Wood Glue
·     Sand Paper
·     Primer & Paint 
·    S-Hooks
·    L-Shelf Brackets with hardware included
·    Level & Tape Measure
·    Brad Nailer and Nails
·    Drill/Driver
·    Metal Cut off Saw
·   Safety Glasses


1.  Determine where you want to put your pot rack,how much space you have for where you want to put it. This also help youdetermine how much wood you need, how big a frame and wire shelf or grill grateyou have to purchase.

2. Build the smaller rectangle then wrap the largerrectangle around it. The inner and outer will be flush at the bottom of the potrack. Secure the pieces together with wood glue and brad nails.

3. When the glue dries, paint the frame with primerand paint

4. Set the metal wire shelf or grill grate into thepot rack

5. Attach L shelf brackets to the rectangular frame.

6. Ensure that the brackets are level then attachthe L brackets to the wall.

7. Hang the S hooks from the metal shelf or gratethen hang your pots and pans on the hooks.

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