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A Big Bowl of Love (Dog Treat Recipes)

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Homemade Dog Treats!
It's perfect to show your dog how much you love them this Valentine's Day.
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I started making dog treats for my dogs 2 years ago. They love them. The best thing about these dog treat is, there is no coloring, preservatives, artificial flavors or any other ingredients that I don't want my dogs to consume. I do find homemade dog treat cost a lot less than buying those organic dog treats. No matter what the label said, there is always some kind of preservatives in those treat to prevent it from getting spoil and longer shelf life.

What makes me want to start making my own dog treats? It all started 2 years ago when I purchased my dog a bag of Halo Dog treats from the pet store and found bugs inside the treats. It was not very noticeable at first but once I have broken the treats into smaller pieces for my dogs. It was right there. I tried contacting the store and manufacturer so they could maybe take the bad lot off the shelf to help prevent other consumer from buying and feeding treats with worms to their dogs. The person I spoke with at the manufacturer did nothing and didn’t even apologize and gave me crap about the issue and made it sound like it was my fault. I purchased the product in the evening, opened it up when I got home and tried to give it to my dogs, I found bugs inside. There was no way I would have given the treats bugs.

Lesson learned. Manufacturers, even brand name ones don’t necessary care about the safety of your pets sometimes, at least in my opinion. I personally find it very difficult to trust and risk the safety and life of my pets. Since then, going forward I started making my own treats using fresh ingredients, make a big batch, froze some of them in an airtight container and keep some in fridge for my dogs. What I love about making my own dog treat is I get to control what goes into the treat and what stays out.

If you want to make your own dog treats, make sure you know what your dog is allergic to and know what dogs can and cannot consume. You have to also consider how active your dog is to help you determine what kind of ingredients you want to put into making the treats. You don’t want your dog to become obese.

Here is a list of Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pet:

·       Alcoholic Beverages
·       Avocado
·       Chocolate (all forms)
·       Fatty Foods
·       Macadamia Nuts
·       Moldy or Spoiled Foods
·       Onions or Onion Powder
·       Raisins or Grapes
·       Salt
·       Yeast Dough
·       Garlic or Garlic Powder
·       Products sweetened with Xylitol

and don't feed your dog anything that you are unsure of. If you are not sure if your pet can have the food or not, avoid feeding them. 

If you don’t know where to begin, you can start with this Dog Treat Recipe.

From "The Healthy Dog Cookbook" by Jonna Anne & Mary Straus

I think this treat recipe is great to begin your homemade dog treat. I like the salmon in it because it contains Omega-3, really help with dry skin problem. I prefer fresh salmon over  canned one. Rice flour is good, especially dogs allergic to wheat. I don’t feed my dog parsley; I would substitute it with grated carrots. My dogs love carrots. You can also substitute the salmon with chicken breast; just make sure you trim of fall the fat. If your dough is too dry, try adding some water, a tablespoon at a time. Make sure your dough is not too wet; it’s really hard to roll it out, way too sticky.

From "The Ultimate Dog Treat Cook Book" by Liz Palika

Some dogs are allergic to cornmeal, if your dog is allergic to cornmeal, you can always omit the cornmeal in the recipe or substitute it with something else. Don’t feed your dog too much plain boiled livers; too much liver can give them diarrhea. I have tested this recipe and my dogs love them. My dogs are not allergic to any of these ingredients. You can substitute the chicken liver with beef liver. After the liver is cooked, I chopped it in the food processor so the liver has a cornmeal texture then added the flour, pulse a few times, then add the rest of the ingredients, blend to form the dough. I find buying those freeze dried beef liver way too expensive. Here you can make your own for a lot less. 

These recipes are only guidelines, whether you want to follow the recipe or make adjustments to them is up to you. Just a friendly reminder, make sure you don't put in any ingredients that your dog is allergic to.

If you have tried these recipes, please post a comment and let everyone know what you think. Thanks!

Bon Appetite!

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