Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fan's Q&A

I have been really busy lately. You can try to using a different browser to reload the patterns. I really don't know why you would have a hard time loading the porjects. When I have more time, I will update the blog to be more user-friendly. 

As far as the boot pattern, if you have difficulty machine sewing the patterns, a lot of people find it hand sewing works for them. It is a lot of fun making real leather boots. You can stain it to whatever color you like and it's very durable.

Jackelyn Colon:
" i have try your patterns and i love them bout i am trying the pattern of the
boot and i don't get how to sew the sole to the rest of the boot and now i
cant find the pattern again to read it could you please help my Chihuahua
and Maltese dog will appreciate your help i have try to post my project but
don't know how thank you in advance for your prompt response"
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