Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to make a Pocket Size Coupon Organizer

Couponing is a great way to save little money. You don’t have to be extreme in order to save money. I have recently started couponing and created this handy pocket book size Coupon Organizer to help organize my coupons.  I have seen coupon organizer on the market selling it for $20, which is very expensive for someone who is budget conscious. This coupon organizer cost less than $10 to make with a little patience, and add your own personal touch to it. It will be your one of a kind Coupon Organizer.

This coupon organizer templates have 2 pockets on each side which means you should have a total of 4 pockets per insert per category. You can print extra templates of the same category if you need more pockets for your coupons.
Things You Need:
3x5 index card binder
12”x ¾”Elastic

Legal Paper or Paper of your choice
Hole Puncher
Sewing Glue or Needle & Thread
Utility Knife or Chisel
Step One:
On the inside of the back binder, measure 1 ½” in towards the rings, mark it with a pencil then measure ½” from the top edge down and mark it again. Use the center point measure ¾” across which will be the slit for your ¾” elastic. You can use the Chisel or Utility Knife to Cut this slit.
Inside View

Step Two:
Apply the ¾” Elastic though the slit. Make sure both ends are on the inside. To join the ends together, you could either hand sew it together with needle & thread or you can use the Sewing Glue.
Front View

Back View

Top View

Step Three:
You can download my templates
here for the inserts or you can make your own. If you are using my templates, all you have to do is print out the template on both side of the page, follow my folding pictures below then punch the holes on the insert for the binder.

Front View

Back View
Fold the 1st horizontal line to look like a V shape then fold the 2nd horizontal line to look like an inverted V shape 

Fold the bottom 1/4" width horizontal line to look like a V-shape as well

Front View

Fold the 3rd horizontal (betw. 2nd & 4th) line to a V shape again
Fold the paper in half
After you fold the paper in half, you can cut the vertical cut line which is 1" towards center folding line and your pocket insert should look like the pocket on the right. Last part is to hole puncher to fit your binder.

Well done! You have made yourself a Coupon Organizer to bring with you on your shopping trip for less than $10. It helps to keep your coupons organized and it fits in your purse without taking too much space.
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