Friday, April 13, 2012

Mikki's Boots

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Mikki really dislike getting himself wet from the rain. He doesn’t like the rain and refuse to get any part of his body wet when it rains. On rainy days, I would have to dress Mikki up with his rain jacket and boots, covered from head to toes or else he would not step outside. Once he is all dressed up, he would prance around and still walk under the trees and hop over puddles of water. I sometimes manage to get him out of the house not dressed up, but he would stand by the front door and refuse to walk. He even refused to go outside to the backyard by himself if it is drizzling. Mikki would go hide under our covered pergola. After he gets back inside the house, he would then go to his wee wee pad. I have bought him a set of boots that cost $70, but after awhile, it fell apart due to all the walking and running.

Mikki’s Boots Patterns were made to fit small dogs approx. 7-12 pounds. My dog is about 10-pounds and this fits perfectly. If your dog has smaller or bigger paws (make sure you measure from the tip of the nails to the back of the paw to get an accurate size measurement), you might have to re-size it to make it fit your dog.

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Print on 8 1/2" x 11" paper
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