Monday, October 24, 2011

How to Create a None Expensive Gift Basket

Holidays are creeping up your wallet. You happen to have a big family or a whole lot of friend that you need to buy gift for during the holidays. Especially, if you have children and want to give a teacher a gift. Whatever the reason is and whoever you need to buy it for, the best way to go would be, make your own gift basket or To Go bag for less. You can put together the items that you know the person would like by putting all the things you have scoop up while they are on sale.
Here is a basket you can make. Bath and Body Works is having a 50% clearance event going on right now, so take advantage. You can put together a nice basket for Thanksgiving. Now you have to define what your budget is and how much do you really want to spend. If you want to spend under $20, this is a great example of a nice basket you can put together. If you want to spend less, you can do it as well. You can make a To Go Bag for under $10, filled with travel size items.
Basket under $20:
Creamy Pumpkin (1.6oz Filled Candle) - $1.75

Warm Harvest Apple Fragrance Mist - $6.00

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Shower Gel - $5.25

Sparkling Berry Bliss Body Lotion - $5.25

To Go Bag under $10:
Caramel Apple PocketBac Hand Sanitizing Gel - $0.75

If you are making more than one basket or To Go bag you can alway get the buy 2 get one free deal or other better deals. If you know how to sew, love crafts and woodworking, you can make the To Go bag and the basket yourself to make it a little more personal. You can put the the recipients initial on the basket & To Go bag.

Later in my post, I will have patterns and instructions on how to sew a To Go bag that you can personalize for your To Go bag gift. Stay tune!

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