Monday, May 7, 2012

Custom Made E-reader / Tablet Cover

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This Kindle Cover was made for a friend that has recently purchased a Kindle E-reader.  You can make your own custom made E-reader / Tablet Cover using the information and patterns provided below.
Purchasing a cover can be expensive and sometimes it doesn't come in exactly the way you want it. I am a pocket kind of gal; love to have the extra pockets for USB cables, chargers and other stuff. 

In this Kindle E-reader Cover, I have created 6 pockets, 2 credit card size pockets and 2 slightly smaller than the credit card pockets and the last pocket(s) is a big pocket with a removable divider. The removable divider give extra protection to the screen of the e-reader when a USB cable is store in the big pocket and also gives the user an extra pocket for storing other items. You can also use clear vinyl (plastic) to create a pocket for storing your information in case you have misplaced your e-reader. In this e-reader cover, I have used some elastic for the corners to hold the reader in place. You can use fabric to create the corners if you are not a fan of elastic or you can do half fabric and half elastic. 

If I am going to sew another e-reader / tablet covers, I will probably add the owner’s information pocket at the inside flap area so when the person opens the flap, s/he will see the owner’s information. In addition to the pocket, I would also add a removable handles to this Kindle Cover to create a mini portfolio by adding Velcro or snaps on the outside.

To make a cover that fits your device, you have to get the spec measurements of your device; you can get it even if you don’t own the device yet by looking it up online. Add 1-inch to the length & width then add your seam allowance, depth remains the same. 

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print on 11" x 17" Ledger

Happy Sewing!

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